Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jan 29/ #29 Fairy

My Fairy Godmother

Jan 28/ #28 Stars

Jan 27/ #27 Swan Lake

Two of my girls, ready to go to the Ballet to see Swan Lake

Jan 26/ #26 Ahh Bed

Where I hope to rest my weary head very soon

Jan 25/ #25 Sis


Jan 24/ #24 Old Red

My Trusty Mixer

Jan 23/#23 Cozy

The way my daughter fell asleep tonight

Jan 22/ #22 Rock Em

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots

Jan 21 / #21 Sun

Yeah - Sunshine!!!

Jan 20/ #20 Potato

Mr. Potato Head

Jan 19/ #19 Baby Night

My baby with her baby, ready for bed

Jan 18/ #18 Lego


Jan 17/ #17 Remote

Funky Desk Accessory

Jan 16/ #16 Winter Bonfire

Neighbourhood Winter BBQ and Bonfire

Jan 15/ #15

Movie Night

Jan 14/ #14 Lots O' Ice

Icicles all the way to the ground - even through the bushes.

Jan 13/ #13 Snow Covered

Still snowing

Jan 12/ #12 Winter Yard Work

What do you do on a snow day? Get up early and go outside!

Jan 11/ #11 Turtle

Wooden Turtle from Peru

Jan 10/#10 Homework

Homework Time

Jan 9/ #9 Up High

Touching the ceiling (with big brother's help)

Jan 8/ #8 Play Place

This is in the Play Place at McDonalds. My daughter is in there, looking out.

Jan 7/ #7 Fun and Games

An elaborate game involving lots of chairs and stuffed animals

Jan 6/#6 Winter

Winter is here

Jan 5/#5 Shelf of Dolls

Two friends hanging out on the shelf in the girls room

Jan 4/ #4 Under the Desk

Laying under the desk. Why not?

Jan 3/#3 Dismantling Christmas

Dismantling Christmas

Jan 2 / #2 Puzzling Development

Sisters complete a puzzle

Project 365 - 2011 Happy New Year

I started this project of taking a photo every day in 2011. I tend to be quite disorganized, so I am using this blog to keep track of this year's pictures. It should show the everydayness of life and be of no interest to anyone but me. So, here we go... January 1, #1 New Years baking and celebrating