Saturday, April 9, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday Photo Challenge - April 10, 2011

1. Motion

Swinging Motion

1. Yet more motion

Jumping Motion

There is lots of constant motion at my house.

1. Motion Again

Water Motion

April 10/ #100

2."Waiting to click"

Waiting at the bird feeder for just the right
bird to land. Oops, missed again.

3. In Fashion
I think a big smile is always in fashion.

"Every generation laughs at the old fashions,
but religiously follows the new."
Henry David Thoreau

4. Animal's Perspective

5. Many

Some people think I have "MANY" children - Here I am with some
of them while on the phone with another!


Dorian Susan said...

Fun takes this week Lee. I love that shower/water shot-see your reflection in the showerhead. I also loved how you interpreted "in fashion"....a smile never lets you down-you're right. Cute kiddos too.

deb duty said...

I have a hard time catching the birds at my feeder too! Love that fashion quote!

Katie said...

Love the 'in fashion' capture!

Carletta said...

Great motion shots!
I'm always watching the bird feeder too - it does take patience. :)
I love your take on a smile always being in fashion - a nice thought!

Carletta@Round The Bend

Ashley Sisk said...

Looks like you had fun with these - I love the swing shots.

Danielle said...

Wow! Great shower shot!