Saturday, May 21, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday Photo Challenge - May 22, 2011

Here are this weeks Photo Challenge finds:

1. My Passion

I have a passion for God and

my family (drawn here by my daughter)

2. Sound of Music

Two of my sons playing some music

3. Inner Beauty

Inner Beauty is a hard one to take a picture of
but one of the ways that my husband's inner
beauty shows is when he is doing things with his
children. Here he is teaching our son all about
setting up fireworks.

4. Ethereal

Ethereal = delicate and wispy
This definitely describes today's clouds

5. Sharp

We had some fun trying to get a "sharp knife" photo.

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Allison Hoffman said...

love the sharp shot - so funny!

Ashley Sisk said...

What a collection - poor teddy bear or teddy dog rather. HA HA

Sarah said...

Ha ha. Love the sharp photo. Great passion to have.

Carletta said...

Love your passion - the drawing was a perfect addition!
I agree - the sharp one is still making me smile!!
Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday!
Carletta @Round The Bend

Nessa said...

That last one his hilarious... love your passions.

Phoenix Peacock said...

Sharp is pretty funny!!!

Anne U said...

Nice ethereal shot.