Monday, September 17, 2012

Celebrating Womanhood - Because Women are Amazing

For one day, we want to drown out negativity and celebrate the beauty and pride of women.
These days it seems that some people want us to be ashamed of being women. They want us to believe that we’re less: less intelligent, less important, less human. There is so much negativity out there. For one day, we want to flood the internet with positive messages about women.

What would I do without the women in my life?

With all the talk of equality of the sexes, and how men and women are the same, I have to respectfully disagree. I think there are significant differences. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule but I will speak in the generalities of the women that I know and love. Yes, women are equal in the eyes of God, but there is no question that we are made distinctly differently. To see this, one has only to observe the way that little boys and girls play. Girls seem to nuture and discuss; boys battle.

Men, as they mature, seem to gravitate toward independence. Whereas, women thrive on interdependence. Often my "women friends" seem to know me and the way I think, as well as, or dare I say, even better than my husband.

Historically, this sisterhood need has been met in many different ways. There was the"quilting bee", getting together to put up food for the winter, or bridge club, meals for those who are ill, have lost a loved one, or had a new baby. We women may meet over coffee just for a break from daily drudgeries. Women know how to make each other feel loved and accepted. It is a gift.

In my life, I've been blessed with great relationships with other women. God has sent certain people into my life just when I most needed them. Whether for a season, or for a reason, women have held me up, kept me going, selflessly cared for me in numerous ways. They have showed understanding and compassion and disagreed without judgement. There have been those who have laughed with me, cried with me, talked some sense into me and gone along with some of my crazy schemes. When women work together, it seems there is nothing that cannot be accomplished. The hand that rocks the cradle truly does rule the world.

Beginning with my mother, my grandmothers and aunts, many friends and acquaintances, and right down to my daughters, I am so thankful for the women in my life.

What would I do without them?
I never want to find out.


jaci said...

We need a "folk community" is how I hear it put in the early 1980's when I was a newly wed living in a strange place, looking for other women to connect to.

I love your post, Lee.

The Capillary said...

Dropping by from the Womanhood Blog Hop. I have to say that I've grown up with very different experiences concerning the characteristics of men and women.

Deanna said...

Posts like this remind me that I've been missing CCU. Don't be surprised if I pop in soon. Thanks for participating in this blog event. (Yeah, I'm still trying to finish visiting all the participants.)